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My Story

My story begins on June 13, 2003 when I received a call a child never wants to hear.  Erica your father has passed away; he had just turned 60.  My heart was broken.

I had no idea that losing my father would put me in a downward  health spiral, but I should have known.  The same heart disease that took my father took his parents and was now having it's battle with me. My grandmother passed at age 59 of a heart attack at work and my grandfather had three heart attacks and could not survive the last one.  He passed away at 62.  I should have known that this was a sign that heart disease is in our family and could affect me.  At age 31 I had my first cardiac episode.  


This is just a glimpse of my story.  My hope is that my passion about overcoming my health issues and putting in the work to stay healthy will encourage and enrich other’s lives and embolden them in their fight.  God has allowed me this opportunity to open up about my story of darkness, sadness and fear but with His mighty hand I am surviving to share my testimony in hopes of saving someone else's heart.



"Daddy , I am doing this for "Our" family, for "Our" legacy
to leave this world better and more informed about the
power of one's heart."



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