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Reboot & Renew You!

Reboot and Renew You!

I had a tough 2017 and was beginning to have a tough 2018. As my 46th birthday approached, 1/22, I wanted to find a way to reboot my year by putting a written plan in place that would help me excel by all means necessary. In life, you get hit with challenges. Some, like me, seem to have challenge after challenge which means more chances for constant failure and let downs. I am turning this around right now and creating my destiny for 2018.

We often hear people say it’s how you rebound from the challenge that makes you a champion. I have decided to be a champion and make 2018 better than 2017 by holding myself accountable to my plan. Here’s my “E” Factor plan.

  1. I am going to resume studying all my crafts.

I have gotten complacent in my creative pursuits as if there is no more for me to learn. There is always more to learn and I am going to build and broaden my mental base to take me to the next level.

2. I am going to face my fears by continuing past the stop signs in life.

I can’t remember the last time I went beyond the safe zone in my life and took steps further down my path. I tend to stay safely on the path that I am sure of. I want to see what doors open up, what people I meet, what life I start to live after I step past safe.

3. I am going to execute everything with more purpose and drive.

I am going to give past 100% so that everything I touch in 2018 will be felt by others and they will know I gave past my best. As they say in sports. I am going to leave it on the field.

4. I am going to surround myself with passionate people.

I am going to open my life to being around more passionate and dedicated people who will help push me to stay on my goals because they are staying on theirs. There is something to be said when you socialize with like-minded individuals who keep each other accountable. They help you not only visualize your goals but manifest them as well.

5. I am going to begin each day by locating my inner strength at first light in order to be more consistent in giving each day my very best.

As a person who lives in constant

physical pain, I often must psych myself out in order to just get out of bed. I am going to vigilantly tell myself I am stronger than any pain put on me. I want to change my attitude from that first step in the morning to lead me walking taller the entire day. Mind over matter.

Do you need a 2018 reboot ? There is always time to get yourself together. Maybe try my “E” Factors and restart 2018 with me. There is always room to do and be better than the person you were last year. The key is executing a plan and letting your community help you achieve your goals. By sharing this with you, my “heart community”, I now have opened myself up to being held accountable.

Join me in the reboot and renew you!

Erica Annise

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